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Senior year bucket list: Getting started

By Rachel LutzFeatures Editor As students, we owe it to ourselves to soak up as much as our school has to offer. Furthermore, as seniors, we have a duty every morsel and droplet of experience before they kick us out (or we leave willingly, depending on who’s asked). So, throughout the spring, we’ll be publishing ideas to make your last semester at Hofstra as special as possible. There’s a tiny voice inside my head that is afraid of me looking back in 10, 20, or 30 years and saying, “Hey, why didn’t I do that thing in college I always wanted to do?” Here’s hoping to prevent that.

1. Apply for graduation. (Why haven’t you done that already?) 2. Have your adviser look at your DAR. Nobody wants a surprise requirement to pop up in April. 3. Go into every academic building on campus. Figure out why some buildings are named for people that didn’t go here. 4. Climb to the roof of Hofstra Hall. This does not count as a success if you get caught (for reference: see Public Safety Briefs). 5. Depend on the shuttle heading into the city for an important interview. Grab a copy of The Hofstra Chronicle next week to keep your bucket list up to date.

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