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Senior send-off: Final thoughts from the Managing Editor

By Andrea Ordonez Managing Editor

I actually came to Hofstra resisting any association with The Chronicle. Like some of you, I found more enjoyment every week poking fun at misspellings and criticizing layouts than taking the time to write a letter to the editors. In all honesty, I was just scared to stand on the other side and take the heat when I really didn't want or have to.

So perhaps destiny, or just my maturity, finally drew me in to take the criticism, rather than be the critic. As a Chronicle editor, I've learned plenty about meeting deadlines, scrapping layouts planned in advance for breaking news, and managing writers with different personalities. But developing what they in the journalism world call "thick skin" is the most rewarding thing I'm taking away from here.

I won't deny there were days when a letter to me as the editor or a Facebook post on our page left me in tears or just absolute fury. But after all of that drama, I'd move on the next week, many times to write those unsigned staff editorials on The Chronicle's devotion to its readers. Were those words, to continually promise you the best effort at every story, sincere? Most definitely.

I mean, what other explanation is there for a group of overworked college students to layout a paper until 3 a.m. without pay or credit? It's not to hear everyone criticize it the next day. It's the same desire--to inform the public with complete honesty--that drives even paid reporters to face sometimes the most dangerous situations. To inform you is what kept Joe P. and me coming back this year, and I hope that's what brings the rest of The Chronicle masthead back into this office every Wednesday in the future.

To all of my School of Communication professors, particularly Professors Goodman, Van B, Zook, Long and Fletcher, thank you for helping me become a better writer and editor. To Joe Hutter, my favorite sports broadcaster that has shared this journey through Hofstra with me, thanks for teaching me humility. And to my parents in Texas, thank you for always reminding me that I'm strong enough to handle anything.

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