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Senior Class Challenge: Extend the tradition

By Liz Weeden and Larry Daves Special to the Chronicle

Four years ago, we as members of the Class of 2013 were working to determine our college plans. Acceptance letters were coming in, and decisions to attend Hofstra were made. We finalized our choice in the first year of a new presidency, and we felt the nation’s sense of hope and opportunity reverberated in our journey at Hofstra. Adding to the diversity of this school, we came from all around the country and the world, but we all shared the same excitement of meeting new people, expanding our knowledge and making an impact.

At the same time, Hofstra's Class of 2009 was also making decisions, the same decisions that we are faced with today: where to apply for jobs, which job offers to accept and whether to extend their education by getting an even higher degree. In the midst of making these life-changing decisions, the Class of 2009 Senior Class Challenge Committee decided to ask each of their classmates to contribute $20.09 back to the university. Their gifts raised more than $2,400.

Why does that matter? That $2,400 has been used to benefit us through campus improvements and scholarships, and it was all done before we even arrived on campus.

As the Class of 2013, we remain united despite the change in commencement ceremonies. As heads of this year’s Senior Class Challenge, we value the education we received and ultimately, the choice that we’ve made. Just like you, we’ve had some low days and points where we’ve questioned certain policies, but in the end, we’re happy about the opportunities that Hofstra has presented us.

We feel that it is our part to extend the tradition created before we stepped onto this university. We completely understand the financial stress and burden of school loans as we look toward graduation; trust us, we share the same woes. But we’ve chosen to make that personal choice to donate back to Hofstra because as much as we love this campus as is, we hope that it continues to make improvements for future students. We hope that you join us in making that same donation, and in standing together as a class dedicated to this cause.

Remember that you chose Hofstra. You’ve chosen to stay here throughout your four years. Don’t forget the importance that this school has had in your life. We came to Hofstra for the opportunities it would give us and for the amazing community that we would foster while we were here. We’ll be graduating with more than a degree, but also with lifelong friends, a resume packed with dream internships, and hopefully a much better chance at getting a real job.

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