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Senior Bucket List

By: Rachel Lutz Deputy Editor

By Rachel Lutz Deputy Editor

It’s time for another group of Senior Bucket List items to add to your list. The cap and gown are hanging in the closet, and the last of our credits are getting underway. It’s almost time to call college a rap. So get your pencil read because you’ve got quite a few things to check.

1. Make one friend in every class – even if it’s just so you can copy their notes if you miss a class. 2. Treat applying for jobs like applying for college all over again: a few safeties, a few you feel good about, and some reaches. Same thing for grad school. 3. Answer the Man on the Unispan question right. Become famous. 4. Call your parents. Thank them. 5. Make a list of the top five best days/nights you’ve had as a Hofstra student: Then go top them. 6. Go to the Career Center ASAP. Do a taped mock interview and get your resume critiqued. You’ll thank yourself in May. 7. Plan a trip to treat yourself. But treat yourself by doing it on a budget. 8. Think of a better answer to the question: “What are your plans for May/June?” other than, “I don’t know.” 9. Do some spring cleaning on your social networking sites. 10. Accept circumstances in which you have no control. But for those that you might, don’t relinquish it. 11. Don’t settle. That includes taking the first job that comes your way. There might be others, too. 12. Order Chinese food. Interpret the fortunes. Then, add “in bed” to the end of each of them like a seventh grader. 13. Go to Relay for Life. 14. Don’t skip out on Senior Week events. 15. Take a personality test. See if the analysis matches what you think of yourself.

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