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Senior Bucket List

By Rachel LutzFeatures Editor

We’ve got another week of Spring semester down. We seniors can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel (or is that a train?), but before we cross it we’ve got a couple things we need to do. Getting the most out of Hofstra before you graduate by simply following this Senior Bucket List.

1. Visit New York City as a tourist, then go back the next day and act like a local. For example, go on The Ride, and then scoff at it the next day. 2. Swim at the pool. (Yes, there’s a pool on campus. I work there.) 3. Take a tour of the bird sanctuary. 4. Visit your room from your first year. 5. Cooperate with your RA, for once. 6. Have you ever been to the Wellness Center? 7. Go to the gym. We only have weeks left before a free, basically brand-new gym is no longer at our disposal.

8. Go to one game/match for every team. By the end, you’ll have a cool collection of ticket stubs. 9. Go to the festivals (Irish, Dutch) throughout the semester. 10. Find out what’s in the Hofstra Bubble. 11. Find out if there are really sea turtles in the basement of Gittleson. 12. Someone, ohgodplease, explain the colored walls outside the student center. 13. Take a picture at the top of the library. 14. Buy a lottery ticket (because, why not?). 15. Make a mix for your best friend. Ignore Vitamin C’s “Graduation.”

Grab a copy of The Hofstra Chronicle next week to keep your bucket list up to date.

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