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Review Round-up: R Kelly, Childish Gambino & Infinity Crush

By Aaron Calvin Columnist


“Black Panties” –  R Kelly

R Kelly is, as far as I can tell, a lunatic. But in a good way. Or at least an interesting way. If catchy R&B songs with titles like “Marry The P****” and “Feelin’ On Yo Booty” sound like something you need in your life, this album is for you. This album is nothing but Kelly at his most triumphantly ridiculous, a tour de force of the most ludicrous metaphors for oral sex. And that deserves some sort of recognition.

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“Because The Internet” – Childish Gambino

Long gone are the days when Donald Glover was just a handsome actor on the ever under-performing Community. Also gone are the days when his rapping was clever entertaining. His early efforts like the “I Am Just A Rapper” parts one and two and his self titled EP were tongue and cheek while staying just self-aware enough to remain light and palatable. But then came his full-length effort “Camp,” an album that showed Glover taking a nose-dive into a bog of naval gazing and embarrassing vulnerability. “Because The Internet” only reaffirms that place with a nearly hour-long album bursting at the seams with potential but never quite overcoming it’s own wounded self-righteousness.

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“Sometime Even in My Dreams” – Infinity Crush

When she’s not playing in Julia Brown, Caroline White writes and performs as Infinity Crush. With this project she spills out reflections on love and how messed up it can be, tinged with the intimacy of unadorned production. But this album is different than previous efforts. It drips with loss, but the songwriting is poppy and catchy, almost in spite of itself. It’s a small offering, but it’s an important one.

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