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Music Review Round-up: Drake, Dungeon Kids & Get Olde

By Aaron Calvin COLUMNIST


Nothing Was The Same – Drake Grade: A-

Do you like Drake? If you do, you’ll like this album. This is all Drake, except maximized. Drake featuring Drake featuring Drake. Nothing Was The Same takes the unprecedentedly open profession of insecurity and vulnerability that was Take Care and super charges it with a healthy amount of confidence. Drake has a lot of money and probably a lot of girlfriends (that he has lots of feelings about), so why not bask in the glory a little bit? There’s a song featuring Jay Z towards the end that you’ll more than likely skip. Besides that, it’s all solid.

If You Like: Drake, Making eye contact while “making love.”


Oh How It Hurts – Dungeon Kids Grade: B+

Dungeon Kids have a very appropriate name. Their music sounds like it was recorded in an actual dungeon. Or a mildew covered basement at the very least. Between guitar echoing guitars that permeate each song, sentiments of desperation and jealousy are croaked out in half-formed syllables. Lines that would come off as creepy are, well, still going to come off as creepy from this band, but you’ll probably have a little more sympathy for these guys than that weird guy from high school who still Facebook chats you.

If You Like: Rawk N Roll music, Dark sexual thoughts.


Get Olde – Crying Grade: B

Crying has done the seemingly impossible. They’ve made chiptune music that isn’t crazy obnoxious. It has all the hallmarks of chiptune: upbeat guitars and floating synths with the all the hallmark sounds of your dad’s NES. What sets Crying apart is their smooth female vocals that make the shrieking eight bit sounds enter the bearable zone. Their songs are also well-written and not as gimmicky as the music that relies on a novelty sort of sound tends to be.

If You Like: Anamanaguchi, Feeling sad while playing old video games.






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