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Music Review Round-up: Into It. Over It., Chvrches and Stitches

By Aaron Calvin Columnist


“Intersections” – Into It. Over It.: B+

Evan Weiss, the man behind this emo outfit, got pretty curt with me on Twitter the other day. I had mentioned that he was pretty good at writing one melody over and over again and I guess that struck a nerve. Like most people, no songwriter wants to hear that they’re a type. But Into It. Over It. plays the type well and there’s no shame in that. This album is more of the Weiss’ melancholy we’ve all come to expect from him, and that’s perfectly fine with me.

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“The Bones Of What You Believe” – Chvrches: B- 

Let’s be honest, the world needs another indie band bopping around on a foundation of skittering synths a la Passion Pit like it needs another hole in its collective head. That being said, Chvrches is not the worst thing that could happen. Despite the potentially pretentious v-as-a-u thing, the band’s pretty straight forward about what they’re doing. There’s the few scattered songs on the front end of the album that have hooks so sugary sweet, they’ll give you an actual cavity. In fact, this album should have just been an EP of the catchier songs instead of an album with a few of those tracks and a lot of entirely forgettable ones.

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“Stitches” – Califone: B

“Stitches” just sounds like a record of healing, a meditation on licking wounds. A thread weaves in and out of each song, connecting them all into the opaque narrative that always guides a Califone album. Not quite as explorative as the charmingly strange “All My Friends Are Funeral Singers,” but pleasant and reflective. Listen to it all the way through at least once, you won’t be disappointed.

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