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Public Safety Briefs, 9-26-2013

Compiled by Ehlayna Napolitano PS responded to a complaint of a loud party at Estabrook Hall on Sept. 20. The partygoers were told to quiet down, which they did. However around 30 minutes later, the volume had risen again. Two residents were issued summonses for failure to comply.

An RA in Nassau Hall reported to PS that while on rounds he or she smelled marijuana coming from inside a room on Sept. 20. PS responded, entered and found the smell of marijuana was strong inside. No marijuana was found, but a half gallon of vodka was recovered. Four students were issued summonses.

A student reported that between 2 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. on Sept. 21, he placed his belongings in an unsecured locker in the Fitness Center. His wallet, containing $100 and several credit cards, and his iPhone were missing. A search was conducted which yielded no results. A report was filed with the NCPD.

On Sept. 22, PS responded to a noise complaint in Rensselaer House. Several underage students and non-students were found in a room with open cans of beer. The beer was confiscated and two students were issued summonses and three guests were banned from campus.

A student accidentally discharged a pepper spray can in a dorm room in Breukelen House on Sept. 22 which caused smoke. PS responded and the house was cleared until the condition was rectified. The canister was recovered and the student was issued a summons for violation of University regulations.

On Sept. 22, PS responded to the smell of marijuana in Estabrook Hall. Several students and non-students were found inside the room. The occupants became verbally abusive with the PSO, who called for backup. The situation was calmed and three students were issued summonses and two non-students were banned from campus. Shortly after, one of the non-students illegally reentered the building. The RSR notified PS, who responded and apprehended the student. NCPD was notified, responded and conducted interviews. The non-student was arrested for criminal trespassing.

A student in Nassau Hall was found to be in possession of a BB gun on Sept. 23. It was confiscated and the student was issued a summons.

On Sept. 23, a student reported that, after returning to campus after the weekend, she discovered that her iPod and her Michael Kors watch were missing. There was no sign of forced entry and an emergency lock change was made. Police assistance was declined at this time.

A student’s laptop and textbooks were left in a friend’s parked car in the Student Center lot on Sept. 23. All things were found missing and no signs of forced entry were discovered. A report of the theft was filed with the NCPD.

A student reported to PS that his or her vehicle, parked behind Breslin Hall, was scratched by a key on the hood and passenger side on Sept. 24. Police assistance was declined at this time.

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