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Public Safety Briefs, 9-12-2013

Compiled by Ehlayna Napolitano On September 11, a PSO on patrol observed a student smoking marijuana in the parking lot near Estabrook. The student was issued a summons.

A PSO responded to Nassau Hall on September 12 and discovered the glass of a fire extinguisher cabinet broken. A search was conducted without result. A work order to repair the box was filed.

Three males were observed climbing a fence on the East side of Shuart Stadium on September 13. When PS responded, it was discovered that all three were non-students. They were escorted to the HIC  where they were banned from campus.

On September 13, a PSO on patrol in Estabrook Hall discovered that an exercise machine had been vandalized. A search was conducted but yielded no results.

A student attempted to enter campus at the Oak Street security booth and refused to show their ID on September 14. The student was issued a summons.

On September 14, a PSO smelled marijuana outside a room in Nassau Hall. The resident responded and the odor was evident inside the room as well.  When asked, a non-student guest inside the room admitted to smoking marijuana. The non-student was banned and the Hofstra student was issued a summons for the actions of her guest.

After investigating a parked Ford in the west parking lot of the New Academic Building, a PSO on patrol discovered an unclothed male in the car. After further investigation, an unclothed, non-student female was also discovered. Both were told to put on clothes and escorted to the HIC, where the student was issued a summons and the non-student was banned from campus.

In Rotterdam House on September 14, a smoke detector was sprayed with shaving cream, which activated the alarm. The detector was repaired and no further actions were taken.

A student lost her purse on September 14. She was later informed that someone had used her debit card while it was not in her possession. A report was filed with the Nassau Police Department.

A student received two harassing phone calls on September 16 from a male who refused to identify himself. Police assistance was declined.

A Hofstra professor reported that his MacBook computer had been stolen from his office in Hauser Hall sometime between September 12 and 16. Hempstead Police were notified and a report was filed. An investigation is being conducted.

On September 17, an RA reported to PS that during rounds in Nassau Hall, the smell of marijuana was emanating from one of the rooms. PS entered and found the residents. The odor was discovered inside the room, although no marijuana was recovered. Summonses were issued to the students.

On September 18, a PSO on patrol observed a student in a vehicle smoking marijuana. Half a cigarette of marijuana was recovered. The student was issued a summons.

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