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Public Safety Briefs, 5-2-2013

Compiled Magdalene Michalik A student reported on April 23 that his wallet was missing when he returned to his unsecured locker at the Fitness Center. The wallet contained his license, Hofstra ID, debit card and money.

A PSO while on patrol noticed several letters were missing from the flagpole area in front of Hofstra Hall on April 23. The plant department was notified and replaced the letters.

The director of the plant department saw graffiti with the initials, “GRQM” on the unispan on April 25. PS responded to his report and the person responsible was not found.

PS received a report that there was a fight in the Hofstra Bubble on April 25 that involved two teams playing soccer. PS and NCPD responded, the fight was broken up, and two non-students were escorted into the HIC and banned from campus for fighting.

In the Hofstra USA parking lot on April 26, a student reported that there were two scratches on the left rear door of his car. There were no witnesses and NCPD assistance was declined.

While patrolling the main campus on April 28, PS discovered that a bench on the north side of Davidson Hall had been forcibly removed from its foundation and moved 3 feet away. The person responsible was not found and the plant department was notified.

Three individuals were found on the roof of Hofstra Hall by PS on patrol on April 28. The individuals were apprehended, identified as non-students and escorted into the HIC where they were banned from campus.

Two females students residing in Suffolk Hall reported to PS on April 28 that two male students repeatedly knocked on their dorm room door and were harassing them. PS responded and the two male students received summonses.

A student reported that she lost her Hofstra ID on April 28. Twenty minutes later, she got a Facebook message that her ID was found outside of Dutch Treats. The ID was returned to her but she discovered that $120 had been illegally charged on her account. An investigation is being conducted.

When a student returned to her car parked in the law school parking lot on April 28, she discovered a dent in her rear bumper. There were no witnesses and NCPD assistance was declined.

While on patrol on April 29, PS observed a male climbing over the Oak Street gate. The individual was identified as a non-student, was escorted to the HIC and was banned from campus.

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