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Public Safety Briefs, 4-18-2013

Compiled by Magdalene Michalik PS and Residential Life responded to a room in Tilburg House on April 10, for a verbal and physical dispute between roommates and their male guests. The males were a student and non-student. The situation diffused when PS and Residential Life arrived. The residents received summonses and the male guests were escorted to the HIC. The student received a summons and the non-student was banned from campus for harassment. One of the residents was relocated to another room for the night. An investigation is being conducted.

A staff member found one of her tires punctured when she returned to her vehicle in the Barnard Hall parking lot on April 10. There were no witnesses and NCPD assistance has been declined.

While checking the Unispan on April 12, a PSO observed four females smoking marijuana in a vehicle parked in the Netherlands South parking lot. A bag with marijuana was recovered and the four students received summonses.

In Bill of Rights Hall on April 12, PS responded to a report of a dispute. When the PSOs arrived, a female Hofstra student was arguing with her non-student boyfriend. The situation was diffused and the student received a summons. The boyfriend was banned from campus.

A Hofstra student reported that when she was filming on the grounds near Vander Poel Hall on April 13, another student poured a bucket of water out of a window. The water damaged the equipment that was Hofstra property. The student received a summons for Hofstra property damage and vandalism.

A student reported that he witnessed an individual ripping a mirror off the driver’s side of a vehicle parked in Hofstra USA on April 14. PS searched the area and only located the mirror. The mirror was brought to the HIC and a note was left on the vehicle for the owner to contact PS.

A PSO assigned to the Oak Street security booth observed two males attempting to steal a Hofstra sandwich board sign and construction cone on April 14. The PSO observed the individuals placing the items into the trunk of a vehicle parked in front of the Netherlands Hall. The two males were apprehended and identified as non-students. They were then escorted into the HIC, and banned from campus. The property was recovered and a Hofstra student received a summons for the actions of his guests.

While on patrol on April 15, PS observed an individual going inside the physical fitness center at 1 am. PS went inside to approach the individual, identified as a Hofstra student. He did not provide a valid reason for being inside the building at that time when questioned by the PSO. The student received a summons.

A PSO smelled an odor of marijuana coming from a vehicle in the Stuyvesant parking lot on April 16. The PSO identified the two individuals in the vehicle as Hofstra students. When questioned, the students admitted to smoking marijuana and produced a small plastic bag with marijuana residue. The students received summonses.

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