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Public Safety Briefs, 4-11-2013

Compiled by Magdalene Michalik A PSO assigned to patrol the main entrance to North Campus on Hempstead Turnpike radioed a PS dispatcher on April 3 that a black Honda had entered campus without stopping. PS personnel responded and stopped the vehicle in the Nassau Hall parking lot. The driver was a non-student, was escorted into the HIC and was banned from campus.

A student reported that when she returned to her car in the Breslin Hall parking lot on April 3, there was damage to the rear passenger side of the vehicle. There were no witnesses and police assistance was declined.

When a student returned to his vehicle in the Student Center parking lot on April 4, there was a scratch on the front driver side bumper. There were no witnesses and NCPD assistance was declined.

A student reported to PS that she lost her wallet while entering Bill of Rights Hall on April 5. The wallet contained her Hofstra ID card, several credit cards and $200. It was not found and NCPD assistance was declined at this time.

A PSO on patrol on April 6 observed an individual drinking a bottle of Gatorade and eating a sandwich without paying for it and refused to present his Hofstra ID card when asked. The PSO asked for radio assistance, PS responded and the student was apprehended and restrained. While leaving the store, two non-students started an altercation with the PSOs. The two individuals were apprehended and were escorted to the HIC with the student. The student received a summons and the non-students were banned from campus. Two PSOs received minor injuries during the altercation.

During a Health and Safety Inspection in Utrecht House on April 8, a glass pipe containing marijuana residue was found. The pipe was confiscated and the resident received a summons.

A technical services staff member reported to PS that a smoke detector in a room in Constitution Hall was disabled on April 9. PS responded and found a plastic bag covering the smoke alarm. The bag was removed and the residents will receive a summons.


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