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Public Safety Briefs, 3-7-13

Compiled by Magdalene Michalik On February 28, a student stated that when he returned to his vehicle parked in the Breslin Hall parking lot, he discovered scratches and dents in the driver’s side front quarter panel. NCPD assistance has been declined.

A student stated that when he exited his room in Stuyvesant Hall to go to the laundry room on Feb 28, he left his suite door open and when he returned $450 was stolen from his room. A search for the person involved was conducted and the result was negative.  NCPD assistance has been declined.

In Bill of Rights Hall, a student reported that her ex-boyfriend came into her room and verbally harassed her on Feb 28. PS responded but the ex-boyfriend was not in the room at that time.  The student did not want NCPD assistance and the ex-boyfriend will receive a summons.

A student walked into the PS office very irate because he received a parking summons for illegally parking on the east circle roadway of the Student Center on March 1. The desk officer attempted to calm the student. Instead, the student ripped up the ticket, verbally abused the officer, and then left. The student was issued a summons for his actions.

A fire panel indicated to PS that there was trouble with the smoke detector in a room in Constitution Hall on March 2. PS responded and found a strong odor of marijuana in the room. They found a resident and a non-student and discovered that the smoke detector head was removed from the ceiling, which caused the alarm. The student received a summons and the non-student was banned from campus.

On March 2, PS responded to a report of the odor of marijuana coming from a room in Tilberg House. The PSOs keyed into the room and found eight students and a strong odor of marijuana. Each student got a summons for smoking marijuana. No substance was recovered.

An RA reported that a student tried to get into the Netherlands on March 2 with a bag containing alcoholic beverages. The TA told him to pour the alcohol out of the bottles, but the student fleed the scene. He was apprehended at the Oak Street entrance and was issued a summons.

While performing rounds in Constitution Hall on March 3, an RA smelled the odor of marijuana coming from a room. PS responded, keyed into the room, and recovered a marijuana cigarette in the wastepaper basket. The student received a summons.

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