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Public Safety Briefs, 3-21-2013

Compiled by Magdalene Michalik Someone pulled a fire alarm in Constitution Hall on March 11. PS and the Uniondale Fire Department responded to the alarm. The building was searched and it was a false alarm. The person responsible was not found

On East Circle Rd., PS found a vehicle with a heavy odor and smoke of marijuana in a vehicle on March 12. There were five students in the vehicle. No substance was recovered and the students received summonses.

PS on patrol discovered that on March 12, toilet paper was wrapped around several trees near the east end of Colonial Square. A search was conducted to find out who was responsible but was proved negative. The plant department was notified for removal of the toilet paper.

During a Health and Safety Inspection on March 14 in Orange House, a pocketknife was found on top of a desk in open view.  The pocketknife was confiscated and the resident received a summons.

In Orange House on March 14, three pipes and a plastic bag containing marijuana residue were found during a Health and Safety Inspection. The drug paraphernalia and substance were recovered. The two residents received a summons.

A boot was placed on a vehicle illegally parked in the law school parking lot by a tow truck driver on March 14. When he returned, the boot was removed from the vehicle. The owner of the vehicle received a summons.

When a student went to the fitness center on March 15, he left his wallet in an unsecure locker. He discovered that his credit card, ID and money left in the wallet were missing when he returned. NCPD assistance was declined.

A Hofstra administrator stated that when she returned to her vehicle on March 15, she discovered a dent in the passenger side. A report was filed with the NCPD.

In Liberty Hall on March 16, a student stated that her ex-boyfriend was harassing her. The ex-boyfriend, a student, was issued a summons.

PS responded to a report of the odor of marijuana coming from a room in Suffolk Hall on March 16. The PSOs keyed into the room and no substance was recovered. The resident received a summons.

A female student was assaulted by her boyfriend at an off campus location on March 16. The student was transported to Winthrop Hospital. She was treated and released. Hempstead PD was notified and a report was filed. The boyfriend, also a student, was arrested on March 18 and charged with three counts of assault. He also received a summons.

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