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Public Safety Briefs, 3-14-2013

Compiled by Magdalene Michalik A student stated that when he returned to his vehicle in the Stuyvesant Hall parking lot on March 6, he discovered several scratches on the rear bumper. There were no witnesses and a report was filed with the NCPD.

An RA director smelled the odor of marijuana coming from a room in Estabrook Hall on March 6. The RA keyed into the room and found the resident and another student. No substance was recovered and the two students received summonses.

A PSO assigned to the main entrance on north campus observed an individual running towards the Student Center on March 9. The male was a non-student and was escorted to the HIC and was banned from campus.

During an event in Hof USA on March 9, PS personnel observed an individual with a bottle of alcohol in his pocket. The student received a summons.

PS issued a summons to a student at Hof USA for violating the guest policy by signing in 2 non-students on March 9.

A student stated that when she returned to her vehicle parked near Vander Poel Hall on March 9, she discovered that her vehicle was broken into and a GPS was removed. There were no witnesses and NCPD assistance was declined.

Resident Life found a folding knife on a desk in a Constitution Hall room while conducting a Health and Safety Inspection on March 11. The resident was present and stated that the knife was his. The knife was confiscated and the student received a summons.

A plastic bag containing marijuana residue was found during a Health and Safety inspection in Constitution Hall on March 11. The bag was confiscated and the resident received a summons.

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