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Public Safety Briefs, 2-21-13

Compiled by Magdalene Michalik On Feb. 12, a Hofstra faculty member reported that his laptop was missing from his office when he came back from his leave of absence. An investigation is being conducted into this matter.

A student discovered a bump in his car parked on the west side of Vanderpoel Hall on Feb. 12. There were no witnesses and NCP assistance was declined.

In Quincy House, PS received a report of marijuana odor coming from a room on Feb. 13. PS entered the room and found the resident with a pipe containing marijuana residue. The student received a summons and the pipe was confiscated.

On Feb. 13, a student returned to his car in Parking Field 7 and found a large dent in the front bumper of his car.  There were no witnesses and NCP assistance was declined.

PS responded to a report of an individual sleeping in the SC commuter lounge on Feb. 14.  PS apprehended the male, identified as a non-student, and was escorted to the HIC. The individual was banned from campus.

A Hofstra staff member reported that she observed 2 students smoking marijuana outside of Constitution Hall on Feb. 15. PS responded and the two students received summonses.

On Feb. 15, a student exiting McHebes Bar at 2:30 a.m. got into a cab bringing her back to campus. When she got off in front of her residence hall, the cab driver attempted to kiss her. The student fled into the residence hall and reported the incident. A report was then filed with the NCP and the case is being further investigated.

A student stated that when he returned to his vehicle in Parking Field 6 on Feb. 16, he discovered that the passenger side rear window was smashed. There were no witnesses and NCP assistance was declined.

An individual entered Shuart Stadium through the wrong gate on Feb. 16. When he was told by a PSO that he had to walk around to the correct gate, he verbally abused the PSO. The individual was escorted to the HIC and was banned from campus.

PS apprehended a non-student who was previously banned from campus in Calkins Hall Room 204 on Feb. 16. When the individual was searched, the PSOs found keys that opened several rooms in Rensselaer Hall. The non-student was escorted to the HIC where Hempstead police came and arrested him for criminal trespassing.

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