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Public Safety Briefs, 12-5-2013

Compiled by Ehlayna Napolitano On Nov. 25, a student reported that upon returning to her car, parked in the lot near Netherlands South, she discovered a large dent in the rear door. There were no witnesses to the event. A report was filed with NCPD.

A backpack left unattended on a desk in Axinn Library resulted in a student’s ID being stolen on Nov. 26. The student discovered a Hofstra ID card to be missing after returning to the desk from the restroom. Card Services was notified.

An RA in Utrecht House reported to PS that the odor of marijuana was coming from a room on Nov. 26. A PSO entered and found the resident inside. There was a strong smell of marijuana within the room. The resident admitted to smoking and a summons was issued. No marijuana was recovered.

A PSO on patrol near the Admissions Building on Nov. 27 discovered three benches, normally bolted to the ground, ripped up and overturned. A search proved negative and there were no witnesses to the incident. The Plant Department was notified for repair.

A student reported that while playing basketball in the Fitness Center on Oct. 27, he left a gym bag unattended on the floor near the court. Upon returning to the bag, he discovered his ID card was missing. A report was filed with Card Services.

On Dec. 1, an RA reported to PS that while doing a health and safety check of Amsterdam House, a room smelled strongly of marijuana. Upon entry, PS found the resident inside. The student admitted to smoking in the room. She was issued a summons and no marijuana was recovered.

A faculty member reported that upon returning to her office in Davison Hall on Dec. 3, she discovered several textbooks to be missing from her bookshelf. An investigation is being conducted.

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