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Public Safety Briefs, 12-12-2013

Compiled by Ehlayna Napolitano On Dec. 6, a student stated that her bike was locked to a bike rack outside Stuyvesant Hall. When she returned an hour later, the lock had been cut off and the bike was stolen. A search proved negative and police assistance was declined.

A student reported on Dec. 6 that the previous day, she had met someone at McHebes Bar that later came home with her. He left her room at 2 a.m., and at 9 p.m. that day, she discovered that $60 was missing from her wallet. She suspects that the person, known only as “Steve,” took the money. Police assistance was declined.

It was reported on Dec. 6 that a student has been harassing her former roommate, who moved out around Thanksgiving weekend. A summons was issued to the student.

On Dec. 6, PS received a report that a student was in possession of marijuana in Leiden House. PS responded and entered the room, where they found the resident. When questioned, the student surrendered a glass jar with marijuana, rolling papers, a silver grinder and plastic bags. These objects were confiscated and the student was escorted to the HIC and was issued a summons.

A student in Leiden Hall reported ongoing difficulties with a roommate and requested a room change for next semester on Dec. 7. The student was referred to Residential Life and no action from PS was taken.

An RA reported observing an individual in a doorway in Estabrook Hall drinking malt alcohol on Dec. 7. The individual refused to give identification and later exited the room with another person. The RA requested identification from both of them, who refused and exited the building. PS responded, identified both students and located one of them. Summonses were issued to both students.

A PSO closing Axinn Library on Dec. 8 discovered an individual on the 7th floor. When asked, the individual refused to leave, then refused to show identification. The PSO requested backup, and the person was taken into custody without incident, where it was determined that the individual was a non-student. After being escorted to the HIC, the person was banned from campus.

A student was observed merchandise into his pocket without paying at Dutch Treats on Dec. 8. The student was apprehended and the merchandise was returned. A summons was issued to the student.

On Dec. 8, a student returned to his bike, which had been secured to the rack inside Providence House and found it had been stolen. Police assistance was declined.

A Lackmann employee in Netherlands Core observed a student place a large water bottle in his bag and try to leave on Dec. 8. The student was apprehended and the water returned. The student was issued a summons.

A student reported on Dec. 9 receiving harassing text messages from her non-student ex-boyfriend. The student requested that no action be taken.

On Dec. 9, PS received a report that three female students were engaged in a loud, verbal altercation in Axinn Library. PS responded and calmed the situation. Summonses were issued to all three students.

A student reported to PS that on Dec. 9 while in the library, he left his MacBook charging, unattended, for 30 minutes. When he returned, the charger was missing. A search proved negative and police assistance was declined.

PS responded to a room in Republic Hall on Dec. 9 where three students were found with empty beer bottles and wine coolers, as well as the smell of marijuana. One student admitted to smoking when questioned and all three students were issued summonses.

A faculty member reported that between Dec. 6 and Dec. 10, a book was stolen from his office in Davison Hall. Police assistance was declined and an investigation is being conducted.

A student reported on Dec. 10 that his belongings were placed in an unsecured locker in the Fitness Center. Upon his return, he discovered that his cell phone was missing. A report was filed with the NCPD.

A student left their backpack containing textbooks, a laptop, headphones and a calculator in their vehicle, parked on Columbia Square Drive on Dec. 10. Upon returning to the vehicle, the student discovered the bag was missing. No forced entry was visible on the car. A report was filed with the NCPD.

An RA reported that while on rounds in Utrecht House, the smell of marijuana was coming from one of the rooms. PS keyed in and discovered the room was empty, although there was a strong odor within the room. Summonses will be issued to the residents upon their return.

PS received a report of the smell of marijuana coming from a room in Hague Hall on Dec. 12. Upon responding, PS keyed into the room and found two students inside. When questioned, both admitted to smoking. No marijuana was recovered and both were issued summonses.

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