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Public Safety Briefs, 11-7-2013

An alumnus reported that between 2:30 and 4 pm on Oct. 30, $110 was taken from his wallet, which was left in a secured locker in the Fitness Center. There were no witnesses and police assistance was declined. A student attempted to gain entry on North Campus through the security booth past Oak Street without an ID on Oct. 31. When questioned, the student verbally abused the PSOs. The student was issued a summons.

Two drunken students got into a domestic dispute on Nov. 1. A boyfriend and girlfriend were reported to have scratches on their skin as a result of a fight. The young woman as transported to NUMC where she was treated and released. Both students were issued summonses.

On Nov. 1, PS responded to Utrecht House after the smell of marijuana was reported to be coming from one of the rooms. When PS entered, four students and two non-students were found inside, along with a grinder and marijuana residue. The smoke detector was also covered with a plastic bag. Four students were issued summonses and the non-students were banned from campus.

A Cosmos soccer representative reported that a rented cart was missing from Shuart Stadium on Nov. 1. A search proved negative. NCPD was notified and a report was filed.

PSOs responded to Oak Street on Nov. 2. Two non-students who jumped the fence were brought to the HIC, where they were banned from campus. A student was also issued a summons for the actions of the guests.

A student verbally abused a faculty member on Oct. 28, it was reported on Nov. 2. The faculty member was engaged in a conversation with a student about effort in class when the student became verbally abusive and called the professor a derogatory name. The student will be issued a summons.

PS responded to the construction site of the School of Medicine on Nov. 2 after two students were observed trespassing. Both students were issued summonses.

On Nov. 2, a student reported that between 1 and 3 pm, a laptop was left unattended on the seventh floor of the library while he went to get lunch. When he returned, the laptop was gone. A search proved negative and police assistance was declined.

Eggs were thrown at a student on Oct. 31, it was reported to PS on Nov. 2. A female student was walking on Hempstead Turnpike near Popeye’s when occupants of a car pulled up alongside her and threw eggs at her face and leg. Police assistance was declined and no injuries were sustained.

A Student Center manager reported that while walking near Estabrook Hall on Nov. 3, he observed four males smoking marijuana. He then confronted the young men, one of whom provided a student ID. The other three fled and were unable to be identified later. PS responded and confiscated a pipe. The identified student was issued a summons.

PS responded to New Academic Building where an unidentified male was in the building on Nov. 3. He was identified as a non-student was discovered to have no reason for being on campus when he was questioned. He was escorted to the HIC and was banned from campus.

A defaced mural on the unispan was discovered by a PSO on Nov. 3. Derogatory language was written on it. The supervisor on duty was notified for cleanup.

A student who lives in Estabrook Hall reported on Nov. 5 that between 8 am and 1 pm, a room was left unsecured. While the student was gone, a credit card and $50 were removed from the room. Police assistance was declined.

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