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Public Safety Briefs, 11-21-2013

Compiled by Ehlayna Napolitano A student reported being harassed by another student through texts and emails on Nov. 13. An investigation is being conducted.

On Nov. 14, a student returned to her car parked in the C.V. Starr parking lot and found dents in the driver’s side front quarter panel. There were no witnesses and a report was filed with the NCPD.

A student left her room unlocked Nov. 8-11 and upon returning found that a MacBook had been stolen from the room. It was reported on Nov. 15. A search was conducted which proved negative, and police assistance was declined.

An RSR reported Nov. 16 that an unidentified student kicked and broke the front glass entrance to Colonial Square security booth. The student then swiped in and fled, refusing to cooperate with the RSR. An investigation is being conducted.

PS responded to a call on Nov. 16 from two students in a vehicle on North Campus. After a traffic dispute, an unidentified male in another vehicle chased them around North Campus. The students drove into the PS parking lot and the other vehicle went into the Law School parking lot. The driver was identified as a student and was issued a summons for harassment.

On Nov. 17, PS responded to a room in Netherlands North. Two female students stated  they ate a pot brownie at an off campus party. Upon their return, the students felt lightheaded and dizzy. An ambulance was called, and they were brought to the NUMC where they were treated and released. An investigation is being conducted.

An RA reported to PS on Nov. 17 that he stopped two males carrying a bag containing alcohol in front of Gronigen House. The students had an ID card belonging to a female student. The RA confiscated the ID card and alcohol and asked for valid IDs from the two males, who then fled. A search was conducted which proved negative. PS confiscated the alcohol and issued a summons to the female student.

On Nov. 17, an RA in Tilburg House reported to PS that he smelled marijuana in the common area. Three students were found there, as well as an odor and a towel under the front entrance door. No marijuana was confiscated and a summons was issued to each student.

A student reported that at 7 p.m. on Nov. 18, he left his laptop unattended in Axinn Library while he went to the Student Center to get food. When he returned at 8 p.m., the laptop was missing. A search was conducted and a report was filed with the Hempstead Police Department.

A faculty member reported that upon returning to her office in Weller Hall on Nov. 18th, a brown envelope containing her MasterCard was missing from her top drawer, as well as the keys to several doors in the department. A search was conducted which proved negative. An investigation is being conducted.

On Nov. 19, a student reported that another student constantly makes fun of him and embarrasses him. The latter student will be issued a summons.

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