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Public Safety Briefs, 11-14-2013

Compiled by Ehlayna Napolitano On Nov. 6, a PSO on patrol observed three students smoking in a car near Colonial Square. When questioned, the students admitted to smoking marijuana and were all issued summonses.

A PSO responded to Alliance Hall after a domestic dispute instance was reported on Nov. 6. Two roommates had a verbal dispute that escalated into a screaming match. Both were removed from the room and were each issued a summons.

A beer was discovered in a refrigerator in a Student Center room on Nov. 6. It was confiscated and its owner was not discovered.

A student reported that between 2 and 6 p.m. on Nov. 6 her black wristlet containing three credit cards, her Hofstra ID card, keys and state ID was lost.

On Nov. 7, a Hofstra coach reported that an envelope containing 90 dollars was left on a desk in the Physical Education building. Upon the coach’s return, the money was discovered to be missing. Police assistance was declined and an investigation will be conducted.

Between 2 and 3:45 p.m. on Nov. 7, a student’s 2005 Mazda was dented in the rear passenger bumper. There were no witnesses. Police assistance was declined.

An RA in Utrecht Hall reported smelling marijuana coming from a room on Nov. 8. PS keyed into the room and found a resident and guest inside. When questioned, the students admitted to smoking marijuana. Although no residue was recovered, a bottle of alcohol was confiscated. Both students were issued summonses.

A student reported that her GT Mountain Bike was parked between Emily Lowe and Bits & Bytes on Nov. 1. Upon her return on Nov. 8, she discovered the bike was missing. Police assistance was declined.

PS responded to Brooklyn House after the smell of marijuana was reported to be coming from one of the rooms on Nov. 8. Upon entry, four students were discovered inside. There was a strong odor of marijuana inside the room, although none was recovered. All students were issued summonses.

A Student Center manager on patrol near the intramural fields observed a student with a pipe on Nov. 8. Marijuana residue was discovered when the pipe was confiscated and the student was issued a summons.

A PSO on patrol in Norwich House discovered a large hole in the lounge wall on Nov. 10. A search for the person(s) responsible proved negative. The Plant Department was notified for repair.

A Custodial Supervisor reported an unidentified man in Gittleson Hall on Nov. 11. The man fled the building when PS arrived. When he was stopped, he was discovered to be in possession of a backpack containing stolen Hofstra property. He was identified as a previously-banned non-student. Police were notified and he was charged with burglary and possession of stolen property.

On Nov. 11, a student reported that an iPad left in the lounge in Enterprise Hall while the student did his laundry was stolen upon his return. Police assistance was declined.

A student reported that between 3 and 4 pm on Nov. 11, a wallet containing keys, a Hofstra ID card and a license were left in Lawrence Herbert Hall for Communications. The wallet was missing upon the student’s return. A theft report was filed with the Hempstead Police Department.

A student’s vehicle parked in the Student Center lot was dented in the passenger side door on Nov. 11. Police assistance was declined.

A student reported a purse containing an ID card, debit card and an unspecified amount of cash was lost on Nov. 11. Card Services was notified and police assistance was declined.

A student’s ex-boyfriend has been verbally harassing her, it was reported on Nov. 11. An investigation will be conducted.

A student notified PS that three males were trying to break into cars in the Enterprise lot on Nov. 11. The men had no IDs, and were in possession of a backpack containing two GPS systems, women’s sunglasses and a tool typically used for breaking into cars. They were escorted to the HIC in restraints and the NCPD was notified. A search for damaged vehicles was conducted. No arrest was made but the three men were banned from campus.

A PSO in the Oak Street security booth reported on Nov. 12 observing a student driving recklessly. When stopped by PS, the student was issued a summons.

On Nov. 12, a PSO on patrol observed a student and a non-student walking in the Enterprise parking lot. The non-student was smoking a marijuana cigarette. PS responded and the non-student was banned from campus. The student was issued a summons for the actions of her guest.

Three students in a taxi to Target on Nov. 12 were involved in a car accident when the taxi was stopped at a red light. A truck rear-ended the cab, which then struck the vehicle in front of it. The students, who were not charged the fare for their ride, then walked back to campus before the police arrived on scene.

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