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Public Safety Briefs, 10-24-2013

Compiled by Ehlayna Napolitano A multi-car accident occurred off-campus near the Southwest corner of Lawrence Ave. and Hempstead Ave. on Oct. 17.   One car smashed through the fence by the security booth. No Hofstra students were involved, but there was damage to the security booth. NCPD responded and filed an accident report. The Plant Department was also notified for repairs.

A student placed his belongings in an unsecured locker in the Fitness Center on Oct. 17. Upon his return, he discovered that his wallet, containing $120, a driver’s license and miscellaneous papers were missing. NCPD responded and a report was filed.

On Oct. 17, a student left a backpack unattended in Bits & Bytes. The student discovered her cell phone was missing after returning to it. A search was conducted, which proved negative. Police assistance was declined.

PS responded to a report of two males and a female in a dispute in front of Constitution Hall. When attempts at calming the situation were made, the two males refused to comply and restraints were necessary to escort the two non-students to the HIC. They were then banned from campus and the female met with a crisis counselor.

On Oct. 19, an RA in Hampton House smelled marijuana in one of the rooms. A PSO responded, keyed in and found two residents inside. No marijuana was found and the two residents were issued summonses.

A female student at a party in Hofstra USA on Oct. 19 reported a male student grabbing her buttocks then threatening her with bodily harm after she confronted him. PS also confronted the nonstudent, who became noncompliant and had to be subdued to be escorted the HIC. He was then banned from campus. A PSO also suffered an injury to his lower back during the incident.

On Oct. 19 a PSO responded to the lounge in Portsmouth House where a glass table was found shattered. A search was conducted, which proved negative. The Plant Department was notified for cleanup.

On Oct. 19, two males entered through Constitution Hall’s ABA door, which is strictly reserved for students with disabilities. PS responded and issued both students summonses for failure to comply.

A student reported damage to the front bumper of a car parked near the soccer field on Oct 19. Police assistance was declined.

Feces were discovered tracked through the lobby and hall near the male bathrooms in New Academic Building on Oct. 20.  A search was conducted, which proved negative. A work order was submitted for cleanup.

A man was panhandling outside of Bits & Bytes on Oct. 21.  PS apprehended and identified him as a nonstudent and was banned from campus.

Student Computing Services reported on Oct. 22 that on Sept. 30 a Hofstra student downloaded copyrighted HBO property. HBO requested action be taken. The student will be issued a summons.

On Oct. 22, a student reported to PS that when she returned to her bike, parked near Utrecht House, she discovered that the brake lines were cut, the seat was raised and the kickstand was stolen. This occurred between Oct. 18 and 22. Police assistance was declined.

A student stated she has had ongoing disputes with her suitemate on Oct. 22, who has sent threatening text messages to her. The student required a crisis counselor, who came to the HIC to meet with her. The student who sent the texts will be issued a summons.

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