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Public Safety Briefs, 10-17-2013

Compiled by Ehlayna Napolitano  A student left his wallet, containing his ID card and credit cards, in an unsecured locker in the Fitness Center on Oct. 9. Upon his return, he discovered that his wallet was missing. Police assistance was declined.

On Oct. 9, a student reported a lost ID card. Hofstra Card Services informed the student that three unauthorized purchases were made on the card, totaling $54.89. An investigation is being conducted.

A student’s vehicle was found with derogatory remarks written on the trunk and vents around the fog lights removed on Oct. 10. Police assistance was declined.

A fire alarm was activated in Cambridge House on Oct. 11. After a search of the building was conducted, it was discovered that a student failed to evacuate and was then issued a summons.

A PSO on patrol observed a blue Mustang driving recklessly on Oct. 12. The PSO radioed for assistance. The driver was then identified as a non-student and was then escorted to the HIC and banned from campus.

On Oct. 12, PS responded to Berliner Hall where a chair was thrown against a wall, creating a hole in the sheetrock. An investigation is currently underway.

A PSO on patrol near Hofstra Boulevard saw a car fail to stop at the intersection of Hofstra and North Boulevards on Oct. 12. The driver was identified as a student, who was then issued a summons.

A student reported on October 12 that guests staying in her room refused to leave but were no longer welcome. PS responded and escorted the non-student guests to the HIC where they were banned from campus.

On Oct. 12, an RA in Bill of Rights Hall reported that offensive pictures were taped up to doors on the ninth floor. The pictures were confiscated and an investigation is currently being conducted.

A PSO observed two people smoking on marijuana behind Estabrook Hall on Oct. 12. They were identified as non-students and were then escorted to the HIC and banned from campus. The Hofstra student they were visiting also received a summons for the actions of the guests.

On Oct. 13, PS received a report of a smell of marijuana coming from a room in Suffolk Hall. PS found the resident inside. When questioned, the resident admitted to smoking and surrendered a bottle of alcohol, a grinder and marijuana residue. The student was issued a summons.

A PSO on patrol in Stuyvesant discovered several ceiling tiles were vandalized on October 13. An investigation proved negative and the Plant Department was notified for repair.

A large party was reported in Norwich House on Oct. 14. PS responded, keyed in and found underage students and non-students drinking and playing beer pong. Nine students were issued summonses for liquor violations and three non-students were banned from campus.

A student in Enterprise reported five pairs of jeans and one cardigan were stolen on Oct. 15. Police assistance was declined and an investigation is being conducted.

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