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Public Safety Briefs, 10-10-2013

PS responded to a report of people trespassing on the roof of Hofstra Hall on October 1. Two students were escorted to the HIC. A summons was issued to each of them. A student’s MacBook was stolen from room 312 in Weller Hall on October 2. The student reported that the computer was left there for around 30 minutes unattended. Upon return, the student discovered that it was missing. A search was conducted yielding no results. Police assistance was declined.

On October 2, a student left a backpack, containing an Apple computer, unattended in the Student Center. After returning, the student discovered that the computer was missing. Police assistance was declined.

On October 3, a tow truck driver saw a parked car without a sticker in a handicapped spot in the Breslin parking. After asking the student to show a permit to be parked in the spot, the student produced one that registered to someone else. The permit was confiscated and the student was issued a summons.

On October 4, an RA on rounds in Leiden House smelled marijuana coming from one of the rooms. PS responded and found two residents and a strong odor of marijuana within the room. No drugs were recovered and the students were issued summonses.

A PSO on patrol on October 4 observed a car driving recklessly in a North Campus parking lot. Upon stopping the vehicle, the driver was determined to be a Hofstra student and was issued a summons for reckless driving.

On October 4, two students were reported to be smoking marijuana in front of Gronigen House. PS responded and summonses were issued to both students.

Two non-students were observed by an on duty PSO trespassing in the Netherlands on October 4. The pair were escorted to the HIC and banned from campus.

On October 4, an RA on rounds in Bill of Rights smelled marijuana emanating from one of the rooms. However, when the RA notified PS, the resident and her boyfriend exited the building. PS responded and entered the room. The odor of marijuana was present and both students were issued summonses.

Two men were observed climbing a fence on Oak Street on October 5 by a PSO. The two were escorted to the HIC where they were banned from campus.

Two suitemates in Graduate Hall engaged in an ongoing dispute, were separated for the night on October 6. The students have a history of living problems. Each was issued a summons for harassment.

A pair of students living in Stuyvesant Hall reported on October 6 a male student has been verbally harassing them for the past month. A summons was issued to the male student for harassment.

A PSO on patrol on the main campus discovered graffiti on the outside wall of Emily Lowe Gallery on October 6. A search was conducted which proved negative.

A neon sign placed in front of TD Bank by the manager of the hair salon in the upstairs of the Student Center was reported as stolen on October 8. The sign was placed there and upon return, the manager discovered it to be missing. A search was conducted which yielded no results.

The RD of Constitution Hall discovered a silver grinder, rolling papers and a silver container in a room during a Health and Safety Inspection on October 8. The drug paraphernalia was confiscated and taken to the HIC. The resident will be issued a summons upon return.

On October 8, the smell of marijuana coming from a room in Enterprise Hall was reported to PS. PSOs responded and entered the room, which was discovered to be empty. The odor of marijuana was evident in the room, although none was recovered. Both residents were issued summonses.

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