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Public Safety Briefs, 10-03-2013

Compiled by Ehlayna Napolitano PS responded to the sixth floor of Axinn Library on September 26 after a student reported that an individual was touching himself inappropriately. PSOs approached the non-student, who was later taken into custody by the Hempstead PD.

On September 26, an RA on rounds in Estabrook smelled marijuana. PS responded, entered and found four students inside. Marijuana residue was found in open view. It was then confiscated and summonses were issued to all four students.

A Hofstra administrator in Hagerdorn Hall reported to PS that when she arrived in her office on September 27, her MacBook computer was stolen. An investigation is being conducted.

A fire alarm was pulled in New York House on September 27. PS responded and a search of the building revealed that the yielded no results.

A PSO assigned to a party at Hofstra USA observed a student steal a candy bar from Dutch Treats on September 28. The bar was recovered and the student was issued a summons.

PS responded to Estabrook Hall for two individuals trespassing. Two male non-students were apprehended and banned from campus.

On September 28, PS was notified that two residents in Utrecht House were having ongoing disputes about living together. One resident moved rooms.

A Suffolk Hall RA reported a strong odor of marijuana on September 29. PS responded, entered and found the room unoccupied. The smell of marijuana was still present, however, and three knives were found in plain view. The knives were confiscated and the students will receive summonses upon their return.

A student stated that he had left his wallet, room key and phone in an unlocked locker in the Fitness Center. Upon returning, he found his property missing. Police assistance was declined at this time.

The Colonial Square West Security Booth reported to PS that a male entered the hall, refused to show ID and proceeded to a room in Williamsburg House. The non-student was banned from campus. The student inside the room was issued a summons for the actions of the guest.

On September 29, PSOs apprehended a non-student attending the Cosmos game for acting in a disorderly manner. He was escorted to the HIC and banned from campus.

A student reported that between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. on September 30, she parked her vehicle in the Law School lot. When she returned to her car, she observed that it had been scratched and dented on the passenger side bumper. Police assistance was declined.

PS was notified on September 30 that graffiti had been discovered on the bathroom door in the lower level of Axinn Library. A search was conducted, which proved negative. The Plant Department was notified for cleanup.

A student in Bill of Rights discovered that two pairs of jeans and a shirt were removed from the student’s laundry basket. Police assistance was declined.

Two roommates were reported to be harassing each other in Orange House on October 1. Temporary room changes were instituted.

A Hofstra student in Estabrook Hall discovered upon his return to the laundry room that one basket with his clothes was missing on October 1. Police assistance was declined.

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