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Power lifting club is stronger than ever

By Emily WindramStaff Writer Hofstra’s powerlifting club is encouraging new membership this semester and is open to everyone, from first-timers to experienced competitors. Eric Adolph, who first embraced the lifting lifestyle as a freshman here in 1996, has trained extensively since then and volunteers to coach for the club. has volunteered to coach the club this year. “The best part of the club is meeting new people with the same interests in strength, fitness and health,” said Adolph. “Working with everyone and watching them progress and achieve their goals is a great feeling.” There is no “typical” training session, but the basis of powerlifting is in its “Core 3” exercises: the squat, bench press and deadlift. Each training session is centered on improving these lifts by doing variations on them and also includes “accessory” exercises. Whatever exercise is being focused on for the day can either be trained using the “Max Effort Method,” the “Dynamic Method,” or the “Repetition Method.”

A combination of the three, the “Conjugate Method,” was first made famous by powerlifting coach Louie Simmons and is used by the club as well. “All members get to push one another in training,” Adolph explained. “The drive, dedication and discipline it takes to see consistent improvements in the gym usually translate to other areas of life as well. Powerlifting training is beneficial no matter what your goals are.”

This semester, the club is looking to bring well-known athletes to Hofstra to give seminars about strength training. The club also encourages its members to participate in two upcoming local competitions. The International Powerlifting Federation Long Island Championships will take place at the All Natural Gym in Lindenhurst on Nov. 9 and the Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate Long Island Insurrection Meet will be at the Crossfit Strong Island Gym in Merrick on Nov.16 and 17. To officially be on the team roster you need to be an undergrad, but anyone from Hofstra is allowed to participate in training sessions. The sessions take place in the weight room of the Fitness Center. Days and times vary, but Adolph is usually there to lead sessions at either 7:30 a.m. or 11:30 a.m. every weekday. For those who would like additional information about the club, contact them via email ( or join their Facebook group:

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