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POP! of color

By: Isabela Jacobson
Staff Writer

With winter feeling like it’s getting longer and longer, we start to become sick of our overly-used winter coat, Uggs and the whole sweater-leggings outfit. To get us out of our slump, we need a pop of color. My roommates and I are constantly reminding each other to spice up our everyday look with something a little more vibrant, including makeup. Let me share some of my secrets to getting through this never-ending winter.

Add a colorful scarf to match a vibrant eye shadow. Sometimes when I buy a new eye shadow, I leave the store thinking the shadow is one color, go home to try it on and it’s an entirely different color. If you also have this problem, I recommend the MAC eye shadows in vibrant colors, which will not disappoint! My favorite eye shadow to pair with my lilac-colored scarf is Stars N’ Rockets by MAC. It’s strong enough to use for a night look, but can easily be adapted for the daytime with some light colors. Using the same or a similar eye shadow color, the scarf makes the eyes more noticeable, changing it up for a fun, colorful new look. Don’t underestimate the power of a new lipstick. Go to the closest CVS or Walmart and look for some fun colors. If you usually go dark, go light, and vice versa. People notice things about you when you make a change. A new lipstick can be a subtle change to you, but try it out and see how many compliments you get on your new look. I recommend CoverGirl Jumbo Gloss Balm for some pretty colors and a moisturizer for your lips. Be bold with your eyeliner. Instead of going for the usual black or brown eyeliner, go for colors like blue, purple or green. It can bring out your eyes, and you can create new looks with it. Be creative! Look up some pictures or tutorials to give you some guidance. Play with your makeup, it’s fun, and you will feel refreshed. Spring is almost here, but while we hang in there, let’s take some leaps forward towards color and change! If you want more beauty tips and tutorials, check out my YouTube channel: honeyeyes494.

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