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Plastic Musik: impressive performance, unusual instruments

By Shannon Nia Alomar Special to the Chronicle

Six guys, colorful “boom-whackers” and spectacular moves is the description of the abstract percussion group named, Plastic Musik, that took over Hofstra USA September 7, 2013. According the audience, the Student Government Association (SGA) Programming Board’s first event was a hit!

Plastic Musik catered to the diverse crowd by playing their own renditions of several songs that crossed the musical pathways of classical, jazz, hip-hop, pop and two original songs that kept the audience intrigued and engaged. Throughout the show there were excited squeals from people who could make out which song was being played before the band shouted it out.

Tiffany Mack, sophomore music major, seemed to be enjoying herself in the front row with her friends; “I think they had a great performance and all of the members looked like they were having a great time!” Mack was not the only one who mentioned the band member’s enthusiastic performance, several members of the audience commented on how much “fun” the performers displayed as they conducted the jam session.

Another tactic the band used to retain the crowd’s interest was asking people the guess the tune they were playing or for people to clap/sing along if they could. Also, there was a segment in the show when Andy, Plastic Musik band member, allowed audience member to ask the band questions. From the Q&A session the band member’s names were revealed, as well as the back story of how the band came to be.

Andy looked over his shoulder at his fellow band mates, Justin, Josh, Jamal, Carlos and Rob, as though he was reminiscing on the first time the band came together. “Justin’s brother just got a new shipment of these weird things called boomwhackers that all the music programs in middle school were using to teach kids music,” Andy began, “So a few of us began to play with them as a joke, in the basement, as a stress reliever. One thing led to another, band member came and went and in 2002 Plastic Musik, with a K, was born!”

As the show came to a conclusion, the band played a song they consider a “fan favorite” and the audience proved to really enjoy the song through their claps, head nods and toe tapping reassurance. Before leaving the stage Andy promoted the group’s website and social media handles in order for people to stay updated with the band.  After the band took their bows, Chelsea Gillyard, SGA Programming Board Chair, thanked everyone for coming and informed the audience of the positions available on the board for those interested in helping put on other great events on campus.

At the end of the show Jennifer Bull, senior fine arts major, told the Chronicle, “The show was a lot of fun; I am familiar with the Recycled Percussion band so it was great to have a band like them on campus!”


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