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Overheard at Hofstra

Compiled by the Hofstra Chronicle staff Outside Barnard: Girl: You guys better go out tonight and you guys better pregame the pregame.

In Adams: Girl: I hope I run into her when she is with her mom so I can call her out in front of her mom.

In Breslin: Guy 1: That was probably the best Halloweekend ever. Guy 2: Are you kidding? Mine was a Halloweek.

Outside Student Center: Girl: I thought Halloween would be better when you turn 21...but I would have rather gone trick-or-treating.

In Hammer: Girl: Only six more weeks until the semester’s over. Guy: Stop looking at it with the glass half full. There’s six more weeks until the semester’s over.

Outside Breslin: Girl 1: Can you believe a year ago we had no classes? Girl 2: I almost wish it was Hurricane Sandy again.

In Bits & Bytes: Guy: I was standing in the shower, thinking of when I had no power last year, and it made me cherish the hot water dripping down my abs.

In Au Bon Pain: Girl: Am I supposed to be bleeding this long?

In Brower: Guy 1: Dude, I think I’m in love. Guy 2: Dude, she was dressed like a dude.

Outside Herbert: Girl: Sometimes I feel like my life is a movie. Guy: Maybe that’s because you’re a film major.

In Axinn: Girl: Don’t you miss the days when we were just kids and had no cares in the world? Guy: Yeah. And I could s*** my pants without anyone judging me.

In Breslin: Girl: What if we were just part of something bigger? You know, like The Truman Show.

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