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Overheard at Hofstra

Compiled by the Hofstra Chronicle staff In Monroe: Girl: She probably doesn’t even have a vagina anymore.

In Barnard: Guy: It’s time to get this party started! Girl: No, it’s time for class.

In the Student Center: Girl 1: What are you being for Halloween? Girl 2: I was thinking on being a maid, but then I realized, sluts are so last year.

In Breslin: Guy 1: Are you gonna eat that? Guy 2: No, do you want it? Guy 1: Hell no. I was gonna say, throw that out before I vomit.

In Hagedorn: Girl: Sometimes I wonder why I want to be a teacher.

In Bits & Bytes: Guy: Want to see me snort pretzel salt? Girl: Doesn’t that make you eat people’s flesh? Guy: No, that’s bath salts.

In Au Bon Pain: Guy 1: I’m so happy they finally serve eggwhites. Guy 2: I think that’s the most masculine thing you’ve ever said.

In Roosevelt: Girl 1: Maybe we should take the stairs today. Girl 2: Maybe we should also drive with our feet.

In Herbert: Girl: I want to be the next Giuliana Rancic. Professor: Ew, no you don’t.

Outside Cafe’ On The Quad: Girl 1: I want a pumpkin spice latte. Girl 2: I want a caramel mocha. Girl 3: I want you both to shut the f*** up.

On Blue Beetle: Guy: You were grilling your bagel? How hard?

On The Unispan: Guy: Is it because I’m not attractive enough? Girl: No, it’s because you’re too attractive.

In Breslin: Guy: I have an idea: let’s not go to the bar on Halloween and go trick-or-treating instead. Girl: Let’s not and say we did.

In Au Bon Pain: Guy: I now understand why they burned witches at the stake.

In Bits & Bytes: Girl: Newsflash Walter Cronkite, I can believe it’s not butter.

In Student Center: Girl: Wait, are we ying and yang?

On Blue Beetle: Guy: There was a study showing that Oreo’s are just as addicting as cocaine. I’ve tried both, and I don’t think either are addicting.

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