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Mid-term germs

By Brian StieglitzColumnist

As we reach the middle of Autumn, we head into a time known for pumpkins, falling leaves and hay rides, and also a time when everybody gets sick and spreads their viral germs all over campus.

Residential students live in the same close quarters, making it so easy for germs to spread. Those germs are then carried all throughout campus – from common areas to classrooms to club meetings to dining halls. This raises the question: should we keep up with our normal schedules when we’re sick, even when there is such a high risk of infecting fellow students and faculty?

There is a line between keeping up with your studies and commitments and putting yourself in unnecessary situations that could spread disease. It may seem obvious, but if you try to stick out your sickness, you are not only potentially making your cold, flu, etc. worse, but you are potentially spreading it, as well.

It is wrong for sick students to take no action is protecting the people around them from getting sick. Communication is imperative and lets others know that you have their best interest in mind.

There is no need to hide in your room from all of society when you’re feeling ill, but you should at least make efforts to prevent your sickness from spreading. At the same time, students should not let sickness stop them from fulfilling their normal responsibilities; they should just be smart about it.

Let your professors, club advisors and coaches know if you are not feeling well so that they understand that you are not just slacking off, and they can work with you to find a solution. If you’re part of a sport, dress warm for practice. If you are in a club, only attend the most important meetings. Adjust your routine based on how you feel, and don’t feel bad if you must take time off to get better.

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