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Making your closet match the trends of spring ‘13

By Sophia Strawser Features Editor

Even if Long Island refuses to let us enjoy the spring, it is coming and it’s best to be fashionably prepared. Last spring was a collection of high-to-low-hem skirts, bright colors and floral patterns. It looks like this spring is going to be in black and white.

The color tones of spring will be black, white and nude. So grab your patterns and colors from the last couple of seasons and use them sparingly. Color isn’t to be deceased this spring, but to be toned down.

This should make shopping a lot easier for us poor college students. Goodwill is full of neutral tones; you just have to search for them. Finding basic tees, camisoles and dresses can give you great base pieces for your outfits. You can spice up those basic tones with your color pieces from last year, leaving you with a unique, polished and in-style outfit.

Keeping a collection of bright scarves can be the perfect way to keep your outfits looking different from week to week, even if you are sporting the same black tee for the third Tuesday in a row. Another great way to make these neutral colors pop is to add accessories. It may be normal to see someone with the same top as you, but for someone to have that same top with the same mix of bangles, pins and earrings is very rare. This will give you your own sense of style while still following the trends of spring 2013.

It’s shaping up to be a very classic spring. Tap into your inner Audrey Hepburn, Hofstra.


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