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Making the most out of your spring break

By: Jana Kaplan Assistant Features Editor

Whether you’re catching a flight to Cabo or just vegging out on the couch, there’s no reason you shouldn’t sit back, relax and enjoy your week off from school.

After surviving the stress of midterms, you’ll want to lay low and free your mind. Try picking up a copy of your favorite gossip magazine or read a book, Silver Linings Playbook and Life of Pi are New York Times bestsellers and after, you can watch the Oscar-winning films.

Spring break is also a great time to get beach body ready. There’s no excuse for slacking, so if you’re on vacation with some friends, go for a hike or a jog on the beach. If you’re staying local, get your butt to the gym and hit the treadmill, or take a Zumba class. The options are limitless.

We all know most college kids live on a budget, so even though it might not seem like much of a break if you’re stuck working, try saving up some cash before you head back to Broke University. Students like Beckett Mufson are taking advantage of the week off. Instead of flying home to California, he’s staying on campus to make a little money. He says, “Money vs. time spent working vs. schoolwork vs. internships. It’s tough.” And even though there’s pressure not to waste the “finite amount of time to be college students,” sometimes it’s worth it to have more than a dime to your name.

Whatever the weather and wherever you are, spring break is most college students’ favorite time of year. Even though most of us wish it lasted longer than a week, having five days of no classes gives us time to do the things we’re usually too busy for during the year. So take advantage of sleeping in and do something fun! As long as you’re having great times with great people, there’s nothing to complain about.

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