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Making the most of off-campus discounts

By: Jana Kaplan

Assistant Features Editor

Admit it— you’re sick of wasting away your Saturdays sitting in Bits or the Student Center for hours at a time, and we don’t blame you. Sure, you can hit up the strip of college bars, but why not save your money and your dignity by taking advantage of what New York has to offer outside of Hofstra’s campus. You may not have a car on campus, but there are plenty of ways to find transportation and enjoy everything from local to NYC hot spots!

Because Hofstra is just 45 minutes outside New York City, we have so many opportunities to find great food and activities, no matter what the budget. It also helps that college students get four years of student discounts. Clothing stores like Topshop and Madewell offer up to 15 percent discounts with a valid student ID, and if you go to you can find “rush” tickets for everything from clubs to Broadway shows for at least a third of the regular price. Yankees and Mets tickets can also be purchased for just $10 if you show up the day of the game. Besides student discounted places, you can also take free walks through Central Park or hop on the subway for an infamously delicious trip to Serendipity 3.

With spring beginning, there’s no excuse for staying indoors and not getting your dose of Vitamin D. Even though it’s not bikini season, it is the season for getting in shape. Why not spend some time outside the gym and go for a jog on the beach? Jones Beach is only minutes away and there is a nice, long boardwalk for people who want to walk with a friend and enjoy the view. We might not always see it, but Long Island is a beautiful place.

Worried about getting around off campus? No problem. Hofstra’s campus shuttle can take you everywhere from the Netherlands Complex to the Hempstead train station and even to off-campus food stores. Check out the weekday and weekend schedules at to find out when and where the shuttle can get you.

Whether you’re a freshman or a senior living on campus, you’ve probably noticed that there’s a big white object in the kitchen on the first floor. That is your stove, and it is available 24/7 for healthy cooking or late night snacking. Even if you don’t have the money to travel into the city, or you just want to spend the night in your sweats, you should walk on down to Dutch Treats, pick up some brownie mix, and bake away. And guess what, boys? The stove doesn’t bite! Just because you’re away from home that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some homemade meals every once in a while. Stoves are located in each of the residences, so you don’t really have an excuse to not heat up mom’s lasagna or even cook your own!

Many college students live in a campus bubble and forget that there is another world outside their campus routine. One thing that draws prospective students and parents to Hofstra is its prime location in one of most influential states in the country. So put down the books and pop your little Hempstead bubble! It’s time to get out and enjoy New York.

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