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Liberty and Republic no more

By Jesse Bade (Staff Writer) The Liberty and Republic dorm complex will no longer house Honors College students beginning in the fall of 2014.

Hofstra staff finalized the decision this past summer to empty the buildings that have housed honors students since 2001 and turn Vander Poel Hall into Honors College housing.

Warren Frisina, Dean of Honors College, thinks that Liberty and Republic has seen its day.

“It had an original life-span of about 20 years; it’s now over 40-years-old. The basic structure itself is hard to maintain,” said Frisina. “It just became obvious to the engineers that the costs would far exceed what was reasonable for us to invest in what is basically a temporary building.”

Frisina views this as a great loss not just for students, but as the dean of Honors College.

“The idea that we would have to let go of this was painful for me as the dean,” said Frisina.

Students were upset about the decision to relocate out of the honors complex.

“I feel like I probably won’t see people as much,” said Jordan Brown, a junior who has lived in the Liberty and Republic for two years.

Brown stated that walking past the lounge allowed her to see and interact with people on a daily basis.

“You’ll see them even if you’re not hanging out,” said Brown.

Kate Giovannoli, residential assistant of the complex, said that students have been struggling with the change.

“A lot of people were bitter and sad at first. That’s how I felt too, because especially for people who have lived here for three or four years, it’s like being told your home is being destroyed and you have to live somewhere else," said Giovannoli. "That’s definitely not news you want to hear. A lot of people have accepted it, but there are some who haven’t.

However, with the structural problems, upkeep was not a viable option.

“A lot of my memories have been here… but at the same time, a cabinet just fell on my friend the other day, there is mold everywhere,” said Giovannoli. “It’s falling to pieces. The towers are nice and they actually re-did Vander Poel knowing the honors kids were being transferred there next year.”

While Honors College students will be given Vander Poel as their new on campus home come next fall, current students living in Vander Poel will not be forgotten. Current students living in Vander Poel will be given the option to homestead. Students in Honors College will not be able to take part in the relocation lottery, according to Associate Dean of Students Lynda O'Malley.

These students will have priority during the housing registration so that they may find a place they wish to live. O’Malley also stated that, despite two housing buildings going out of use, there will still be plenty of housing on campus for students.

Although many are saddened by the loss of the Liberty and Republic and losing one home, they are gaining a newly renovated one.

“While it might be difficult to have random conversations at 3 a.m. in the lounge or watch the sunrise together, there will still be a community,” Giovannoli said.

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