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Letter to the Editor

I don't think you could be more wrong, Michelle. Internships are a great way to gain experience and make connections. I interned in the city (no relocation necessary!) the summer before my senior year and it really opened my eyes and helped me tremendously. The supervisor at my internship specifically made a point to say that the internship would NOT be about getting coffee, that he was once an intern and made sure that I would learn (and do) as much as possible.  I saw what it meant to be professional. I learned how the business worked. I mastered specific tasks and programs. And, perhaps most importantly, I made great connections -- employees as well as other interns.

Hofstra is smart to require communications students do at least one internship -- it opens doors for you. When it comes time to apply for your first job, your internship will count as experience!

Internships are MEANT for inexperienced students... but at the same time, you can gain experience and be a more attractive applicant by taking the right classes and getting involved (WRHU, HTV and The Chronicle are among the great ways to do this!). And yes, many require you to be a junior or senior... So what?

No, the basketball players who stole from students last year will not hurt your internship chances (and Hofstra's School of Communications actually has an amazing reputation for turning out great interns and employees), but this attitude of "This is too hard for me" most certainly will.

When I was a freshman, Hofstra's requirements seemed overwhelming to me, too. But you have four years! And you will grow.

Good luck!

-Geoffrey Sorensen

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Letter to the Editor