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Letter to the Editor

My name is Joseph Pentz, and I am a Bachelor of Science in TV/Video. I recently read the article by Michelle Cannizzo entitled "Acquiring internships should not be required." Miss Cannizzo states in her article the following statement:

"...if you are a Hofstra student enrolled as a communication major of any subdivision, you must intern for a minimum of 180 hours in order to graduate."

This is severely inaccurate. The Majors of TV/FILM, TV/VIDEO do NOT require an internship at all. I have verified this via the DEGREE AUDIT system. I know that PR, JOURNALISM, AND SPEECH COMM/RHETORIC do require them. For other Communication classes I am not sure, I will leave it to you to do the research on the other majors before issuing a revised article or statement to the readers.

I request that the chronicle issues an update on this article due to its inaccuracy. This could mislead students who are registering for classes and put false burdens upon them.


Joseph J. Pentz

Letter to the Editor

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