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Letter from the editor: Women's rights no laughing matter

The Chronicle has received criticism for a single contribution printed in the Overheard at Hofstra section of our March 14 issue. On behalf of The Chronicle masthead, I would like to dispel any sort of accusation now. We do not condone any sort of violence against women and we do not see it in any way as humorous. This is a serious subject that, at the moment, is at the forefront of national news.

As a publication that has been around since the beginning of this university, The Chronicle has always tried to bring the Hofstra community’s attention to larger issues.  Especially in the past year, The Chronicle has been a large supporter of women’s rights. We have published articles and editorials about clubs, students and faculty dedicated to promoting women’s rights not just at Hofstra, but nationally. Being a publication well aware of the issues, we have found displeasure in accusations that The Chronicle and its staff is insensitive and ignorant.

The Overheard section is dedicated to things that your classmates and peers have stated. We simply record these statements. Should we have recorded that one? Absolutely not. And for this specific error, I am deeply sorry.

I understand that this is not the first time The Chronicle has been called out for this type of error, and like before, I will not hesitate to admit that in this case, we made a mistake. Even as a gentleman, I know the severity and struggle that so many women continue to experience in society today. Thus, I fully comprehend the anger you felt when you read something we published that a Hofstra student said.

As readers, please understand that our main goal is to serve and provide you with honest information to make your experience at this school more enjoyable. While I will take fault for our lapse in publication, I think the fact that such a comment was made by a Hofstra student should be highlighted. Perhaps we are not just to blame, and that beyond our small staff, you know through our mistake there are people in this community who continue to be close-minded on women’s rights. Even though showing this fact was never our intention, this reality is something we cannot ignore.

I do appreciate your concern, and the feedback that I received truly gave me an insight on what you thought. For that, I thank you and implore you to keep doing that. It is the only way we as a publication can get better. I only ask you to keep picking us up and giving us a read.

-Joe Pantorno, Editor-in-Chief



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