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Letter from the editor: Response to "Acquiring internships" op-ed

As editors of a school newspaper, we are obligated to balance content, whether it is news, entertainment or opinion—even if it is about a subject we know not everyone would agree with. In the Oct. 17 issue of The Hofstra Chronicle, we ran an op-ed on page A13 titled “Acquiring internships should not be required.”

We understand that those who write op-eds are entitled to their own opinions. Not everyone has to or will agree with all views presented, but the writers should be respected.

The Chronicle has a history of providing students with the opportunity to apply what they have learned in class to gain clips and understand the challenges of working for a publication.

We at The Chronicle choose to put our work out to you as readers so we can endure your criticism and praise as a learning experience of what we may encounter in future editorial positions. For years, those learning experiences have led Chronicle writers to internships and jobs at prestigious papers, magazines and websites such as Cosmopolitan, BuzzFeed, Wall Street Journal and NBC.

One of the reasons why many students choose to attend Hofstra is because it is located right outside of New York City—the largest media market in the country and arguably the world. We as editors have taken advantage of this because we know the prestige and value that come with New York City internships.

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