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Let love inspire your February makeup

By Isabela JacobsenStaff Writer Not going to lie: personally, I love Valentines Day because there is a bigger chance that I’ll see people wearing my favorite color, pink! It’s also a great day because everyone tries a little harder to look nice for a special someone, which is adorable. If you’re like me and already bought your Valentine’s Day outfit just to wear to class, then you will love trying on new makeup for this fun holiday.  If you don’t have a special someone, don’t worry; love is in the air and you never know what might happen. Red lips. Don’t even tell me you didn’t see this one coming. That lovely red lipstick you’ve been saving for a special day is finally going to be useful. Pair up bright lips with a red scarf or a red outfit to make it pop. For the eyes go natural with a dramatic cat’s eye look. If you are looking for a super cheap but long-lasting red lipstick, I recommend NYC’s 99-cent lipstick that you can purchase at any drug store. If you don’t want bold lips, that’s okay. Go with a purple or pink look. This looks a little lighter, and it can serve as a daytime look. Go with a cute heart sweater and take a little more time on the hair. Concentrate on the lashes, rather than the eyeliner, for a fresh look. If you want something a little less bold for lipstick, but not too plain, try a wine color. There are great lipstick colors like that for 20 dollars at MAC. For all those single ladies and gentlemen, I suggest you work up the courage to ask your dream Valentine out because you never know who worked just 10 minutes longer on their makeup to impress you! If you want to see these looks and more makeup-related advice check out my YouTube channel: Honeyeyes494.

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