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Leaving Hofstra: What will I miss?

By Rachel LutzDeputy Editor My time at Hofstra is winding down. I didn’t get to complete each and every task on my Senior Bucket List, but I came close. Most of the things I had already done. I decided compile a list of things I’ll miss about Hofstra when I graduate. I figure that if there is a record of them somewhere, I can remember why I loved it here in the first place.

1. The tulips (and yes, even sneezing from them) 2. My room 3. I can’t make this list without including Hofstra Cookies 4. My friends (but that seems silly to include – they know) 5. Being on my own schedule 6. Fire alarms 7. Free movie nights 8. Flyers 9. Free tickets to things (Mets games, museums, etc.) 10. The Hofstra Chronicle

11. The process of learning 12. The professors who cared about my education 13. Reading my DAR every semester 14. Making a class schedule, and then having several backups 15. Napolini’s and other great late-night food 16. CPK, even though that’s leaving too 17. HofUSA’s new hours 18. The culture festivals 19. Free concerts 20. Getting a million emails for the same event

21. Getting mail and never being able to open my box 22. Cramming 23. Having a set of room keys… 24. …that I will then leave in my room, locking myself out. 25. Random bar ads and menus slipped under my door 26. Dutch Treats 27. The shuttle 28. Having someone who can unlock my door when I’ve forgotten my key. 29. Crepes on Wednesdays. 30. All my peers.

Although we may not all be leaving Hofstra this semester we can all apperciate the year we have had and the perks we will be leaving behind this summer. Have a great summer, Hofstra.

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