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Lawrence Herbert profile


This past September marked the end of the Dempster era of Hofstra’s School of Communication and the beginning of Lawrence Herbert.

Stuart Rabinowitz and Lawrence Herbert celebrated the renaming of the School of Communication on Wednesday.

The school has officially been renamed the Lawrence Herbert School of Communication. Herbert has been an active Hofstra alumnus since he graduated in 1951, and now his biggest contribution yet is underway as he seeks to improve and modernize the School of Communication.

Lawrence Herbert graduated from Hofstra University with a B.A. in biology and chemistry. After graduating, Herbert stayed connected with Hofstra by serving on the Board of Trustees as vice chairman from 1982 to 1986.

He was continually honored by Hofstra and received multiple awards including the Alumni Achievement Award, the Alumnus of the Year Award and the Distinguished Service Award. These awards highlighted Herbert’s service to Hofstra, his career achievements and his success in his fields of study, respectively. Out of over 125,000 alumni worldwide, Herbert has proven his talent by achieving multiple alumni awards. Herbert was also honored this past year at the 17th Annual Hofstra Gala.

President Stuart Rabinowitz spoke highly of Herbert at the School of Communications Naming Ceremony on Wednesday, saying that Herbert changed the way the world communicates.

“He is instrumental in helping Hofstra become the world class university it is today, and his donation sends the message that at Hofstra the best is yet to come,” said Rabinowitz.

Outside of Hofstra, Herbert has achieved great success with Pantone Inc., a world-renowned authority in color and printing. Pantone also provides color-matching systems for everyone, from designers and retailers to manufacturers. Herbert started out as a temporary color matcher and became the owner, chairman and chief executive officer of the company in just six years.

He has been given many prestigious awards because of his success at Pantone, including the Power of Printing Award in 1995 by the Association of the Graphic Arts. Herbert has also been inducted into the New Jersey Advertising Hall of Fame for his work and he has been awarded the Gold Medal from Britain’s Institute of Printing.

Dean Evan Cornog of the School of Communication believes that Herbert was revolutionary when it comes to color, describing how we now live in an age of visual communication.

“Herbert is absolutely one of the founding fathers in the age of communication,” Cornog said.

Apart from his professional work, Herbert has also been recognized for his involvement with multiple organizations and causes. Herbert and his wife Michelle have a strong appreciation for ballet. They are supporters of the Miami City Ballet as well as the New York City Ballet, where Herbert serves on the board. Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani appointed Herbert to the City of New York Cultural Advisory Board. Former Governor George Pataki gave Herbert a seat on the New York State Council on the Arts.

Herbert is now focusing on graphics in communications at Hofstra.

“Graphics actually came first in communication, look back to what cavemen were doing to talk with one another – they were drawing pictures,” Herbert said.

Although Herbert said that he does not desire an administrative role at Hofstra, Herbert, with a design partner from Brussels, has created an entirely new look for the School of Communication. Renovations will begin in the near future. He said he would like to make sure that students are getting the best education possible while also having access to the most up-to-date technology.

“I may even sit in on a few classes,” Herbert said.

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