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Keep your skin perfect despite the harsh weather

By Isabela JacobsenStaff writer Winter brings more than just a stuffy nose; our skin feels pain from the freezing cold as well. Lately, I’ve noticed that my usually semi oily skin from summer is turning into dry skin as the winter progresses, if you are going through the same thing don’t worry because I’ve figured out some ways to help you out. So until the warm weather arrives, here are some tips for your skin this winter: 1. Moisturizing- Dealing with dry skin when you aren’t used to it can be annoying because you don’t have the products you need. Luckily, my suitemate introduced me to Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion. The reason I like it so much is that if you’re like me and acne prone, it doesn’t harm your skin. It can be difficult to find products that don’t make you break out, so Cetaphil lotion was great for my skin. 2. Warm Shower- Don’t take the usual super hot shower when you are dealing with dry skin because it only makes it worse. You know that feeling where you get out of the shower and your skin just feels so tight? Well, taking a not-so-hot shower can help. Also, after showering is a perfect time to put on your moisturizer. 3. Chapstick- Keep it with you everywhere. Put it on before going to sleep if you’ve been waking up with dry skin, and keep one in your purse or pocket, so you can always relieve dry lips. 4. Sunscreen- Sometimes dry skin occurs because you forget that you need sunscreen, even when it’s cold out. Whether it is the wind or the reflection off the snow, it can cause dry skin, so protect it with some sunscreen. 5. Foundation- Switch it up! I know it’s a pain when your skin keeps switching up on you, but just like your hair, sometimes your skin gets tired of the same products being used over and over again. Your skin needs a break, and now that your skin is getting worse, try going for a foundation made for dry skin. Of course, don’t forget water. It will always do you good, and will keep your skin healthy. More importantly, be patient because spring is right around the corner, so hang in there.

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