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How to spend your Valentine's Day here at Hofstra

By Jana KaplanStaff Writer Whether you’re in love, in lust, or in a fabulous friendship, February 14th is a day everyone can celebrate. Valentine’s Day may be the day when Cupid shoots his arrow, but at Hofstra it is the day that all students, single or taken, can do something fun with the people they love.

Part One: All the Single Ladies Have Fun On Valentine’s Day

The stereotype is that girls are in love with love; they swoon over dreamy guys and they cry over heartbreak. But just because a girl doesn’t have someone to send her flowers doesn’t mean she can’t make Valentine’s Day a good time! Some girls choose to spend their V-day pining over lost loves by watching sad, romantic movies and drowning their sorrows in candy. Others choose the “I hate men” approach and go for the horror films, wishing it were their ex-boyfriend being chased. For junior Allyson Judge, it’s all about being with her favorite people: her girlfriends. Allyson says she’s going home for the holiday, mostly because it lies on President’s Day weekend and classes are cancelled Monday. However, she still plans on keeping her Valentine’s Day tradition by getting dinner and “just [hanging] out with friends.” Sophomore Angie Izzo has a boyfriend, but since he goes to school so far away from Hofstra, “it’ll most likely be me and my friend eating chocolate,” she said. No matter what your relationship status is on Facebook, sometimes your greatest relationships are with your friends. Whether it’s a dinner of Chinese takeout, or a trip to the drugstore for half-off candy, Valentine’s Day could be fun for anyone. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. When life gives you chocolate, you binge eat without a guilty conscience! Enjoy the day, girls; you’re all beautiful, inside and out, and no relationship should tell you differently. Valentine’s Day may be about love; but more important than loving a significant other is loving your family, loving your friends, and without a doubt, loving yourself.

Part Two: Love is in the Air at Hofstra In the words of the Beatles, “All you need is love; love is all you need.” February 14th is the one day of the year when you can be a hopeless romantic without anyone judging you. Whether you’ve been with someone for years or are trying something new, you’re bound to get shot by Cupid’s arrow of love. Sophomore Bea Arner is excited to spend Valentine’s Day with her boyfriend. Since he goes to another school, it’s hard for them to spend as much time together as they’d like. On this Valentine’s Day, they get to do something special. “He’s coming to school and taking me to dinner,” she said. She can’t wait to spend the night with him. Freshman Frantz Cesar doesn’t consider himself a romantic guy, but he says the important thing on Valentine’s Day is to just spend time with his girlfriend of two years. She also doesn’t go to Hofstra, so “maybe we’ll go to dinner,” he said. As long as they’re together, they can both be happy. While Sophomore Andrew Duca is quite the romantic, he and longtime girlfriend Christie plan on keeping their Valentine’s Day low-key, with dinner and a movie. “We’re saving money for Spring Break,” he said, “so we don’t want to go on some extravagant dinner. We’re compromising.” There’s no rulebook for being a good Valentine, but the key is making the one you love feel as special as you know they are. While some people love over-the-top gestures, others just love to know their significant other cares. What’s important is to do something you both enjoy doing, and spread the love. So pucker up, and if you don’t already, learn to love the power of love.

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