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Hofstra hosts St. Baldrick's

Magdalene Michalik (Staff Writer) Inae Rurup, a junior, was shaking with nervousness as her hair was being shaved off in front of a crowd of onlookers.

“I’ve been talking about shaving my head for a long amount of time, and when I walked in I just decided to go for it because it’s for such a good cause,” said Rurup. “I feel really good!”

Rurup’s decision to donate Wednesday was spontaneous and received massive encouragement from a large audience. Over 50 others, all men, joined her during common hour to support the St. Baldrick’s Foundation.

Three shavees donating to the St. Baldrick's foundation. Over $15,000 was donated so far. Photo by Cody Heintz.

Rurup was the first female shavee at Hofstra in the foundation’s five years of running the event, according to Thomas Kostiw, a 2010 alumnus who served as fifth-time coordinator of the event.

“I think that children’s cancer is one of the saddest things,” said Kostiw. “To be stuck with such an unfortunate disease is terrible. Anything you can do to help a cause like that is just great.”

The fundraiser to support research for pediatric cancer was sponsored by the School of Medicine and Hofstra Roller Hockey Club.

“The shaving of the head is an act of solidarity with the children, and the donations are from people supporting [children with cancer] to shave their head,” said Kostiw.

Students and faculty who were involved in the event raised over $15,000 by Wednesday. However, fundraising will continue in the hopes of reaching a goal of $25,000.

After the goal is reached, Provost Herman Berliner will be the next shavee under the buzzer, according to Kostiw.

“It's a wonderful feeling on behalf of an extremely worthy cause for research to help children,” said Neil Donahue, senior associate dean of the Honors College. “It's great that something like this can be organized and [can] accelerate the process to conquer this disease altogether.”

“I love my new look!” said David Caputo, sophomore marketing major. “It feels great. It is an amazing cause and goes to a good place.”

For those who did not want to shave their heads, regular donations were also accepted. Women who did not wish to shave their heads had their hair cut for a Locks of Love donation.

“It is for a good cause and there is nothing hard about it,” said Danny Reilly, junior radio and history major and third time shavee. “Hair grows back!”

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