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Take a bite out of France at Crazy Crepes

Danielle Denenberg

Staff Writer

Monday is notorious for being the worst day of the week, but it doesn’t have to be. To improve your Mondays, begin your week by visiting the “Crazy Crepes” station for dinner.

Crazy Crepes is a part of “Dessert Station During Dinner” in the Student Center Cafe. The station is located in the middle of the cafeteria, next to the salad bar, in the same location as the omelet bar that runs daily for breakfast. The station operates every evening between Monday and Thursday, providing a different dessert for each day. On Mondays, crepes are served.

Crepes, which are a type of pancake, can be a suitable dessert or breakfast food. Who doesn’t enjoy the ever-popular “breakfast as dinner” cuisine? Crepes may also serve as a great comfort food.

“Crazy Crepes” has proven to be a very popular eatery among students.

“I had never tried a crepe before, but after trying it here, I realized it was delicious,” said senior George Carrillo. “I would recommend anyone who hasn’t tried one to go now.”

It certainly seems as if people have. Every Monday night, the Crazy Crepes station is always bustling with people.

Perhaps, as Carrillo states, it is indeed the novelty of the crepe, or the fact that many people have never tried it, that makes it so popular.

“I think [the crepes station] gives a little more diversity to the food [at Hofstra]. I know I am tired of eating the same thing,” said junior Jade Williams.

Crazy Crepes offers a variety of toppings to add to the crepes, so there are always new combinations to try.

“You can have the crepes with Nutella, different kinds of syrups, like strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, maple,” said Williams.

If you’re looking for a new and comforting food that can add diversity to your meals, go try a crepe this Monday!

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