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Go-to outfit

By Lauren Wolfe

Staff Writer

Rise and shine, it’s a new day: It’s time to look into that wonderful wardrobe of yours for an outfit. Suddenly, that moment hits and you notice that you have no idea what to wear (Oh no)! You then remember that you have one outfit that you always turn to. This “go-to” look never fails to leave you looking anything less than stylish.

We are all guilty of having that one and only go-to outfit. It helps us out in our time of desperation. When our laundry baskets are filled to the top and there’s nothing else to wear, that go-to outfit sticks out in our memories. We know that we will feel the most comfortable in that destined shirt or sweater. Hofstra students all along campus have this to say about their very own go-to outfits:

Sophomore Jasmine Stephens mentioned that her favorite go-to shirt is a simple, black V-neck T-shirt. Stephens said that “black goes with everything” and will never go out of style. She also pointed out that a person has so much “leeway with black” and you can dress it up or dress it down. Plus, adding a piece of jewelry to a simple black top can make an endless fashion statement for anyone.

Another sophomore, Cody Dano, described his go-to outfit as dark jeans and TOMS shoes, with a fitted graphic or plain T-shirt. He even likes to accessorize his look with a blazer or a vest. Dano admitted, “I will never walk out in sweat pants,” saying that he likes to keep his go-to outfit casual but never “bums” it.

Ross J. Price was seen in an elevator and, when asked what his favorite go-to outfit is, he said that it’s definitely a white Yves Saint Laurent t-shirt and hard denim True Religion jeans. Price also said, “I have to have my gold watch on me, no matter what!” His gold watch is a comfort accessory, he said, and Price feels the most secure with it on.

In some cases, a go-to shirt is your absolute favorite shirt. It does not have to be something plain or simple. Sophomore Amber Murphy said that her go-to top is her “favorite cheetah print shirt.” To finish the look, she wears medium-washed jeans and black boots.

You can ask anyone, guy or girl, what his or her “go-to” look may be. Everyone has one. It’s the outfit you turn to when you have no other options. It’s the secure style that makes you feel comfortable walking out of your dorm. Whether it is sweat pants, skirts or dresses, go-to outfits exist for everyone.

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