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Freshmen dos and don'ts: back from break

By Danielle DenenbergStaff Writer It is that unfortunate time again. What was hopefully a relaxing, or at the very least meaningful, break for everyone is now over and we are back here again. But the beginning of the semester doesn’t have to be an unfortunate time. It can be a time to start with a clean slate and take steps to making new friends and forging new connections at Hofstra. It can be a time to actually do your homework and write your essays. To make certain that you can assure yourself you’ve had a fulfilling semester by May, here are some helpful tips: • Go on Collegiate Link and find a club that interests you. The beginning of the semester is the prime time to join. • Spend time with friends who are graduating in May but don’t dwell on the fact that they are graduating. They’re not gone yet so there’s no reason to act as if they are. • Be in contact with professors. If there is something that they need to know, now is the time to tell them. This way you’re guaranteed assistance and understanding for the entire semester. • Don’t miss class yet. It’s good to save the absences for when you really need them later. • Be sure to do all the things you liked last semester in order to make this one just as enjoyable.

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