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Frats barred from charity event

By Samantha NeudorfEDITOR-IN-CHIEF

Members of Greek Life were reminded that they are not allowed to attend events created by unrecognized Greek Life groups – even if the event donates all proceeds to cancer research.

Mario Bolanos, the assistant director of OSLA who oversees Greek Life, sent an email on this subject to all Greek Life members on Monday. The intent of the email was to remind all members that any fraternity or sorority who supports an event hosted by an unrecognized group violates Inter-Fraternity Sorority Council (IFSC) policy.

Phi Epsilon, a local sorority that was disbanded this past April, will be hosting their 18th annual Spaghetti Dinner this Saturday at Social Sports Kitchen. All proceeds and donations go towards cancer research and scholarships for two individuals.

But IFSC members are not allowed to attend because Phi Epsilon is no longer a recognized group at the University.

“The policies we have in place … are for our recognized organizations. So those policies have been deemed to benefit the institution’s organizations in some way,” said Sarah Young, executive director of OSLA. “We’re looking at recognized groups affiliating with unrecognized groups. How that occurs is situational. It’s continuously ebb and flow how that interaction might occur.”

This policy is listed in the Rules and Regulations section of the Fraternity and Sorority Expectations document updated on Aug. 31, 2010. Bolanos made it clear that any IFSC e-board member found supporting an unrecognized group’s event will be removed from their position, and any recognized group in attendance will be suspended.

Young said that the policy is in place because it is in the best interest of IFSC organizations.

“This is to benefit that [recognized groups’] hard work, and that they themselves, are held to a higher standard than unrecognized groups, because they are unrecognized for a reason. Why would you continue to affiliate yourself with that organization?” said Young.

Members of Phi Epsilon and of IFSC groups that were contacted did not respond to comment on the policy or Bolanos’s email after various attempts.

Phi Epsilon was disbanded in the spring for “hazing and other infractions, including falsification and failure to comply,” according to Peter Libman, dean of students in the April 11 issue of The Hofstra Chronicle.

As of Wednesday, the Spaghetti Dinner was still set to take place Saturday.

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